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10 Highest Paid Domain Names Ever

here is the latest and update list of the highest paid domains in the internet history for you to glance at,take a look at a heft price and enjoy.

          your domain could be one of them , if you are fortunate to relish the money by your destiny.
go ahead and take a look to get inspired ....

      Domain Name                                 Price

1.  http://www.sex.com                  $14 million

2.  http://www.fund.com                $10 million

3.  http://www.porn.com                $9.5 million

4.  http://www.diamond.com          $7.5 million

5.  http://www.business.com           $7.5 million

6.  http://www.casino.com              $5.5 million

7.  http://www.asseenontv.com       $5 million

8.  http://www.korea.com               $5 million

9  http://www.YP.com             $3.85 million 
10 http://www. Shop.com        $3.5 million 

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