Friday, August 10, 2012

Adidas Social Media shoe concept

here comes the glimse of the latest upcomming concept shoes by adidas to revelutionarize the shoe industry by embracing the shoes with future technology.
Adidas seems to be known for making connected shoes linked-up with a Nash Money concept making its pressence felt late into the London Olympics.

The signature Adidas stripes on the shoes changes their colours through remote control.
The Social Media Barricade shoes weaves the features of a phone and a basic two-line green LCD  display into a running shoe, letting the footwear take Twitter updates very literally on the run through any public account. the Adidas is revealed to call of the Social Media Barriacade the "future of athlete connectivity," the only athletes putting eyes on a pair right now are those swinging by the Olympics' media lounge for interviews purpose.the shoes are still a upcomming concept and will be soon comming to the production.

 it seems that the shoe will be becoming more high tech and popular with the forth comming rio olympics 2016.
so keeps you feets ready to experiance the high tech shoes when it lands on the retail markets.

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