Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BlackBerry ends its 57$ festive season giveaway on Christmas

Recently BlackBerry conducted a Christmas giveaway of blackberry world apps ,movies and games from 1-25 December to celebrate the Christmas festival adding out to be a total $ 57 giveaway worth of stuff in 25 days for blackberry 10 users . Every day users were able to download  free premium stuff to enjoy.

People had a choice to download from a selection for apps, games and movies every day If they were  a BlackBerry 10 users.
Offer only lasted for 24 hours, so if you miss it, you miss it. Also, what people got depended on your region. There was a banner in BlackBerry World for the 25 Days of Gifts, that is where the free for the day goodies were displayed.
Here is the complete list of freebies which blackberry offered in the BlackBerry World promotion during December to get into the holiday swing

***note: total has been complied by taking the price of highest amount giveaway of the day.

don't worry if you weren't able to make it blackberry may be giving some more stuff at new year so keep hooked .
this time it may be for bb10 and legacy device .so lets see whats their with blackberry to offer on new year after this awesome giveaway to lure the new blackberry 10 customers .
doing all this giveaways ,it will help blackberry to boast its overall handset sales.

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Thanks BlackBerry for your great Christmas gifts ,I enjoyed them a lot on my Blackberry Z10
Merry Christmas to all the readers of this post !!! Have a Great awesome Year Ahead

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