Tuesday, July 25, 2017

top 10 websites for earning millions working as freelancer

Hello Friends with the rise on competition in the market ,now days it has become really hard for some people to showcase their true talent to their companies and retain their position in the company .

Some creepy people with no talent may be shining in the company because they are expert at flattering the boss and not at working that could be the reason they would get a pay hike leaving you behind with no pay hikes.
This is one of the major reason i have being writing this post ,to address this major problem of no salary hike and low pay structure ,lost job, you like work home ,work on go or if you are not able to find a job then this for you

Here i am going to share with the top 10 best freelancing websites which would help you to find out a job related to your expertise in your domain of preference to get it done for the reputed clients from across the world who are willing to pay good money to you .

This is for you to live your dreams ,to become your own boss to live your life the way you wanted with full financial independence and earn millions to live a life you have imagined in your dreams.

freelancer is top source on the internet to earn money online .all you need to do is go their .sign up and bid on the projects seems to interest you and you can do it with with your talent and thereafter you if you lands the job from the project poster then you would get the money once the job is complete up-to his satisfaction .

its one of the another popular freelancing portal where you can get loads of jobs from reputed companies and clients to to make money online sitting at your home .

3. upwork
its yet another great online work place for the clients and freelancers to collaborate with each other and get their work done easily and effortlessly .as a publishers you are ought to get some good clients to work with ,so you can definitely try them for your freelancing work .

4. fivver
fiverr is a $5 market place to get all your work done in just $5 ,although you can get more gigs or extra work and the market place allows upto maximum $375 for custom orders to clients .
the results you get are great .
if you want to start your freelancing business ,then its a great place to start your career and gain good reputation in the marketplace to get more clients later .

as is the name ,so is the work ,here you can get any kind of seo related or online working related work done at cheap cost from variety of expert freelancers who will give you good reports and results .
so you can definitely try them to get your seo work done easily by some great professionals 

its a work place where you get hired on hourly basis or you can give up your custom price for the project .you get paid on time and every time .you can get work under 4 categories  to work which includes  design ,development ,content and promotion basically .

Its a platform for bloggers ,influencer's and other freelancer writer who can write under various categories like lifestyle ,tech etc collaborate with brands to work with them to promote their brand via their blog posts .
so you can join it ,if you looking out to promote your brand or seeking out a resource to get some good quality sponsored post for your blogs .

guru offers large variety of jobs to work for with world class companies to gain experience and get good money .so why not try your luck out with guru.com

its a great portal specially suited to the students and university interns who are willing to gets some experience in their summer or winters break .here you can get variety of jobs from bartenders to designer to DJ with good pay rates .

simply hired is a good job portal with millions of jobs .you can get jobs under variety of fields according to your requirements and expertise to get good work and money .

Some Bonus sites

If you are a really good coder, computer engineer, designer, software developer and want to work from home and get really good pay then you can check out these sites TopTal, CrossOver, and BairesDev and you will get what you want and become fully satisfied by your work from home job ,but the only catch is these aren't like your other normal freelancing sites ,you need to clear the interview to get access to well-paying jobs market place which will only happen if you know your stuff inside out.

freelancing is the next big industry to get work done from a variety of freelancer who is expert in their fields. so it will make sure that your company whether it's a startup or an established firm will not find short of talent because you can hire them from these sites easily.

As this post comes to an end ,I have come up with one solid advice for all the freelancer, whether you are new to this arena or you are making good money from it , it will help you to go to next level and earn big money from freelancing.

Always try to get feedback and review about your service from your client  because your portfolio of successful work with different clients and companies is something to boast about when talking about your achievements and to new clients because people always look for experienced person to work with .

Try to establish your portfolio boasting about all your freelancing work and client feedbacks ,whenever you pitch to new clients ,don't forget to make them aware about your previous works from that portfolio .

Take my word for it guys that this advice have helped thousands of people in my network including me to get work from some of the big clients and make good money from freelancing .

Next its your turn to make millions form your hard earned talent easily ,so why not get started on the sites given above .

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