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managed web hosting services

Managed Web Hosting Services are very popular hosting services among the people who do not have time to look after all the technical aspects of hosting or they don't know much about hosting.Its gives them total freedom as all the hosting work and issues are looked after by the hosting provider for their websites.

To know more about managed website hosting services like its advantages, disadvantages etc read this: What is managed website Hosting.

Now We Will Discuss Top 4 Managed Hosting Services

1. Inmotion Hosting
Some of The great features of Inmotion managed website hosting services are given below for you to take an overview of how good that is at managed hosting services

Enhanced Security Measures
Tell us your concerns, and we’ll implement the best solutions to keep your server locked up. From setting up CSF/LFD or OSSsec, we’ll get you secured.

Platform Optimization
With extensive platform optimization experience, we can implement the right solution for you. From setting up Varnish caching and APC to tuning your LAMP environment, we have you covered.

Best-Fit Solutions
We provide you with solutions that you need to succeed. We can implement NGINX, modify you're my.cnf file for performance, or create custom server setups.

Giving You Back Time
Many tasks can and should be automated. We setup server side crons to take care of these needlessly time-consuming tasks for you.

Fast, Accurate Responses
We have years of web hosting experience and know how to find the right answers. Whether calling our direct line or submitting a ticket through email, we’ll get you the answer quickly.

Uptime Solutions
Taking time to understand your application is an important part of our process. We do this to maximize uptime and ensure your application does not negatively impact server performance.

With in motion managed to host services, you get a flat 20% off on your plans which can be customized according to your requirements.

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2. A2Hosting hosting
With 100% worry-free HostGuard Management, this is the business-reliant solution you’ve been searching for. Their Smart System Notifier constantly monitors your server to ensure it remains ultra-reliable. If it detects an issue, their 24/7 Guru Crew support is there to correct it even if it's 3 AM; so you can stay sound asleep. 
If Sign up now and your account will begin to provision immediately. You should have access to your server in 30 minutes or less.

They offer managed hosting over their dedicated services which is ultra fast and comes with many amazing features like Cloudfare CDN and Railgun Optimizers for the fast page loading time.
Their swift servers come optimized for ultra fast speed and best performance for your website.
A brief overview of their various managed hosting plans for the customers over dedicated servers are given below 

3. Cloudways Hosting
Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting service which comes at decent prices and gives all the features of managed hosting service with fast speed optimum server performance.

Cloudways VMAN stack configuration formula guarantees 40-50% better page load times than any traditional host. Sign up now to experience the crazy fast speed of Cloudways platform.
Cloudways offers automatic patching all the technical issues  All cloud servers on Cloudways PaaS get automated firmware and OS patches. 

Visit cloudways to get their amazing managed hosting services 

4. Bluehost Managed Hosting
Bluehost offers Wordpress managed to host at affordable prices . you get services in Bluehost managed hosting packages like automatic backups , dynamic updates to suit your websites needs and all the premium support for your assistance when ever you require it.

Some amazing features of Bluehost managed hosting are given below

Instant provisioning
Thanks to our pioneering approach to OpenStack, your server is up and running in seconds.

guaranteed resources
Using KVM hypervisor, your resources are always assigned to you alone and never impacted by others.

enhanced CPanel
Easily manage your WordPress websites as well as email, domains, and advanced features with our custom-built tools.

Every plan includes dedicated backup storage and we automate backups of your WordPress websites ensuring your data is always safe.

dynamic upgrades
Instantly add more CPU, RAM, and SAN storage on the fly as needed in just a click.

custom technology
We only use the best hardware, all built and managed in-house by experts to deliver the best performance.

Also Bluehost custom build servers provides extremely well speed and security to all it customers which prevents unauthorized access to your website resources and data without your provision .
So you can definitely try Bluehost for their manged website hosting services to see good results .

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Let us your reviews about these managed website hosting when you try them in the comments section below


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Managed Web Hosting Services are very popular hosting services among the people who do not have time to look after all the technical aspects of hosting or they don't know much about hosting.Its gives them total freedom as all the hosting work and issues are looked after by the hosting provider for their websites.

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