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In the current age, purchases are slowly shifting from physical stores to online shopping. In fact, 51% of Americans prefer online shopping to visiting the store. By estimated statistical projections, ecommerce revenues are expected to exceed $638 billion in the United States. This is not an isolated case, as globally the ecommerce projects will also have an upward trend.

This proves that E-commerce economy is growing at a high rate. It is therefore important for businesses to understand how ecommerce works and to identify the best ecommerce solutions to thrive in the online arena.

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There are two main kinds of platforms: the hosted ecommerce platform and the Content Management Systems (CMS). The main difference between the two is that the hosted platforms, like the name suggests, is hosted on a server whereby you have no access to, while the CMS are self-hosted on a hosting server that is available for purchase from web hosting providers for small businesses.

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Every option has its pros and cons, and the decision depends on the needs and technical expertise. Some of the benefits of using Content Management Systems include:

·  1.Customization features-CMS allows the freedom to add or modify features. Meaning, you can build a customized design that is unique to your own brand, this is also important for enhancements during the user’s experience.

2.The ability to support sophisticated websites and large stores.CMS does not have a limit to the number of stores or products because they are self-hosted. Depending on the level of your technical expertise, you can have this website sophisticated as you need, but you can handle it.

3.Better functionality-There are a number of themes and add-ons available in CMS that allow the user to access advanced functions that are otherwise not available in self-hosted platforms.

Having understood the benefits of CMS-based platforms in your ecommerce business, let us consider which are the best Content Management Systems that fulfill functionality, custom ability, availability of support and extensions as well as the good cost of development and maintenance?

Magento is one of the most efficient and easy CMS platforms and one can easily build an online shopping store with the functionality and high level of flexibility provided. Some of the special features provided by Magento are; it has 9000 plugins, Magento extensions, customer service tools marketing promotion features, and the fact that Magento provides a free basic community version and charges a minimum $20,000 per year. For companies looking into eBay as the primary ecommerce strategy should consider Magento for their websites.

OpenCart is ideal for your ecommerce solutions if you have a bit of knowledge in web design and software development. Some of the features provided by OpenCart are PCI compliance, Multilingual, unlimited categories, more than 20 payment gateways and reporting.

OsCommerce as a top CMS has more than 7000 add-ons created by the osCommerce community needed to scale your ecommerce business. This makes it the most trusted CMS.

Drupal is known to be among the first platforms to utilize concepts including themes enhancing the site appearance and modules promoting functionality. It is a free and open source Software that has been used for popular websites in the media like BBC and MTV UK.

Prestashop is a CMS that is free and downloadable. It helps you manage your ecommerce business on real-time basis as it comes as a package of over 275 features including SEO, Marketing, product management, Checkouts, and shipping.

WooCommerce is an open-source CMS platform with one of the largest communities. It is a Wordpress plugin that is known to be the best and easy to install platform. All one needs to do is to install WooCommerce plugin to manage the ecommerce store in Wordpress.

Weebly is among the most popular CMS that is one of the best platforms needed for designing as well as testing online stores. It is the ideal CMS for your ecommerce solutions as it has features like unique themes, intuitive controls, and built-in analytics.

Joomla is a free and open source CMS. It is a top CMS that is known for its high-level security features. Joomla has some templates that make it easy to use and enhance flexibility by creating a customized experience.

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of CMS platforms for your ecommerce business that are worth trying. All the platforms are unique and have their special features; therefore, one should make a choice depending on the needs of your ecommerce business.


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