top 13 best CPM ad networks for websites

In this competitive world of blogging earning for blogging and websites has become a hard task .to get the good amount of money for your hardwork you need to work smartly by getting your website with some high ecpm based banner ads ,which would help you earn a decent amount of income with you have good amount of traffic to your site .

on this flooded internet of different quality stuff ,you may find so much of crap that it will make your mind in doubt that weather to opt for it or not .
so to simplify the process of finding good ad networks that pays high cpm for your quality content ,i have featured a list of top 13 best network for your blogs which will make you rich ,but the catch is you need have good amount of page views to earn hefty paychecks.

basically in ecpm type of revenue models you are paid when your website serves 1000 impressions /page-views.

without a do lets droll over the list below to get  best ad network for our weblogs.

1. BannerConnect


2. ValueClick Media

valueclick media-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

3. BurstMedia

burstmedia-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

4. Google AdSense

google adsense-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

5. AdBlade

adblade-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

6. Adpepper

adpepper-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

7. Adtegrity

adtegrity-best cpm network for weblogs and websites

8. cpm network for weblogs and websites

9. CPX Interactive


10. Gorilla Nation

gorillanation-best cpm network for weblogs and websites


12. Tribal Fusion


13. Vibrant Media


so come on guys get your website hooked with one of these networks to get great revenue from your weblogs/websites and share your experiences with these networks below in comments section.


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