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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Johammer Electric Motorcycle with incredible performance in streamline gastropoda body

Thursday, April 10, 2014

next gen USB 3.1 Type C to offer superfast speed with ultrafast connectivity

USB 3.1 Type C to feature reversible plugs and blazing speed connection of 10Gbps

recently we came across the pictures of upcoming new usb type c connectors posted by USB-IF and were amazed to see the new features and its ultrafast transfer speed assurance .

next gen USB 3.1 Type C to offer superfast speed with ultrafast connectivity
The design for the new cable is similar to Apple's Lightning Connector that we have already seen and will be reversible end-to-end so it won't matter which end attaches to what device i.e both the end will be of same size and type.
The connector itself is as thin as a micro-USB 2.0 connector and will most likely replace the older style connector as well as the larger micro-USB 3.0 interface found in devices like Samsung's Galaxy s4,note 4 etc.

The new usb 3.1 connector plug has dimension of 8.3 mm x 2.5 mm which makes it a little bit bigger than the current Micro USB ports on mobile devices and will come with an adapter to make it compatible with current USB plugs and sockets.

StoreDot charger can charge your smartphone battery in 30 seconds

get ready to charge your phone in less than 30 seconds only with this storedot upcoming charger in market.

Yes buddies its possible exactly what i said above ,don't get baffled with this news you can definitely full charge your phones in 30 sec. 

An Israel based young startup, StoreDot assures to have developed a new battery-technology that claims to charge your smartphone's battery in 30 seconds. Recently The startup unveiled its special battery and charger prototype at Microsoft's 'Think Next Conference' in Tel Aviv. 

This special charger can charge an empty Samsung Galaxy S4 battery within 30 seconds ! 

StoreDot charger can charge your smartphone battery in 30 seconds

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Micro Phone Lens turn your smartphone into a 150x microscope

This $42 lens would turn your smartphone or tablet camera into a power microscope with a really huge range showing images in 150x zoom.

The great mechanical engineer Thomas Larson from Seattle has developed a Micro Phone Lens that attaches to your smartphone or tablet’s camera to show you 150x magnification microscope of the images .
Micro Phone Lens turn your smartphone into a 150x microscopeThe Micro Phone lens gets attached to your device camera very easily and can be pulled off  easily when you’re done with your images . Users just need to press on it to adjust the focus of the images and slides. All you need is a light source and a microscope slide to view the things around in detail. The recommended camera resolution for the lens is 5MP and according to the site, the final product will be able to resolve features as tiny as 1.5-1.6 microns.

Nokia solar energy suits provides infinite battery life to our gadgets

Nokia solar energy suits shows how next gen solar panel are evolving for sustainable smartphones charging for our better future

From north to south,Nokia to apple, A lot of research is going on to improve battery juice of smartphones and tablets to get maximum from these portable devices .in the current era of strong competition in smartphones, Researchers from all tech giants have considered solar power a great option in this direction to get a better future for all in terms of battery life. We have already seen several solar-powered smartphone chargers and solar-powered phones from many companies so far ,but still it has not been adopted on big levels.  And now, Nokia has now gone one step further and showcased their solar energy suit that can deliver infinite battery life, even in indoors. 

yes its infinite,don't get baffled :):) 

Friday, April 4, 2014

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation | your backup needs simplified

Hunting for a powerful backup and recovery tool for your precious data ,then your quest for a Genuine and feature rich tool with a clean and easy to use UI ends here with EaseUS todo backup workstation which not only provides you one stop solution to all your backup needs but also gives you reliable recovery options for your most crucial data ,emails etc @ cost which is far below its substandard competitors.

Earlier i was also a bit skeptical before trying this software out ,but once i used it ,i was totally amazed by its easy to use UI and features.
Whether its a windows backup,important documents or your complete hard-disk data for backup for future use ,you will not be disappointed by it ,once you try it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

unfolding the power of cloud coding

since the cloud computing was invented ,it has served as a Mozart in disguise for the developers by giving them compatibility and advanced features to use their code without writing it again in various application by the power of cloud any many more useful stuff for coding.

unfolding the power of cloud coding
Be it Sql database management ,web site development or media streaming on any platform cloud computing has shown us the power to handle all the task with ease .taking the live examples from our world like Skydrive ,drop box,netflix steaming and others servers as a epitome to depict power of cloud .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

HTC One M8 Review featuring specs,performance and much more

finally The all new htc one m8 is launched to give its user some kind of new experience out of its interactive ui along with sense 6 . HTC one M8 features a gorgeous industrial design, a fantastic display, great camera along with best performance.
HTC One M8 Review featuring specs,performance and much more
looking back to its successor Htc one which was launced in 2013 with great features and gave top notch performance which made it stand out even after one year to make it grab a best smartphone of the year award in MWC 2014. 

The original Htc one exceeded nearly all of our expectations for a next gen smartphone to have in it. now when we look at the new version of htc one m8 what we expect is that it should take over its predecessor in every aspect.

But the question arises that does the new htc one m8 has it what it takes to be called a next gen game changing smartphone? and the answer is yes in all possible new features it has to offer like It has a larger screen, offers two curious-looking rear camera sensors with advanced depth sensor, boasts new version HTC's Sense UI i.e sense 6 and features a chassis with even more metal with approximately 70% metal . 
it has to offer much more in all areas to give its audience some thing new and advanced .

so come on without a do lets take a look below to see what impressed us about this phone and what didn't.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FlairStrip offering 48Mbps broadband in india @ Rs.479 per month with no FUP

Update : It was a prank ,head to the website Flairstrip to read the explanation behind it

A new upcoming ISP company FlairStrip promises to break the records of internet speed in the top developing country India by providing its users with wireless broadband plans a jaw dropping 48Mbps download speed and no FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits that too at a very cheap rates thus giving a very strong competition to its rivals like airtel ,reliance etc.

don't get baffled by this news,yes they are talking about 48Mbps download speeds and no FUP (Fair Usage Policy) limits .the fact is ,we only need to see whats the catch behind this deal ,which is yet to be revealed by company.

FlairStrip offering 48Mbps broadband in india @ Rs.479 per month with no FUP

Saturday, March 22, 2014

top 6 adsense alternative for youtube video monetization

Hi friends today i am going to share something interesting with you about youtube monetization which will help you to earn more revenue from your youtube videos filling your pockets with big $$ bills 

For many people youtube has been a solid source of income by making viral videos ,but for people like u and me the question arises that are we able to earn handsomly from youtube or something that could directly contribute to our house hold living .

for the matter of fact for now most of the people reading this post are not earning so much more that could make a living for them ,i know most of us are only able to make money from youtube which could pay only our utilities bills like internet access etc.

today i am going to reveal some of the alternative which have made their way to internet to monetize our youtube videos on our behave with their network to give you more money,customization's, promotion opportunities and features for your videos.
top 6 adsense alternative for youtube monetization

so without a do let me introduce to the 6 best alternatives for monetizing your youtube videos to get high cpm rates and high revenues and other great features.