Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ways to Convert a PDF image JPEG file to a Word Document

The MS Word is an incredible software tool, which helps you work with content of different size and formats. It also helps you to use number images from clip art collection, different files, and other apps and even from your scanner. 

You have the option of converting any current or new scans over the word document using MS office document imaging, which is basically an application that come along with the MS Office XP via the office 2007. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Futuristic Technology Becomes a Reality

Techies, geeks, science fiction nerds and gadget lovers rejoice, for the time when all of those futuristic gadgets start to appear in our day to day lives has finally arrived, and so naturally that perhaps we didn’t even notice.

So strap yourself down Sci-Fi fans – because it’s time to admire how far we’ve come, stepping into the possibilities that futuristic science fiction showed us years ago.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

top 10 best plagiarism checkers

Hi friends here comes top 10 best plagiarism checkers on internet which are not only fast and easy to use but also free to use except some .

So if you are looking for some great and effective plagiarism checkers to make your content copy free then try one of these to check for your contents copy on internet and then eliminate the copy content from the web by throwing a Dmca notice to that very site which copied your content .

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Easy Wordpress blog installation with ipage hosting

Hi friends here comes a step by step video tutorial to install a new wordpress blog on cheap ipage shared hosting .
Ipage shared hosting services are very cheap for wordpress blog .so you can definitely go and sign up for ipage hosting now from the link given below and start your new wordpress blog very easily and fast after looking at the video tutorial given below

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

top 5 serp checker for website optimization

Hi friends here comes the best known serp checkers for your website to checkout for best and accurate serp results and get higher ranking in google with website optimization tips and techniques available on

so come on guys without a do lets get on the list of top 5 good quality serp checkers on web to check our website serp for great keyword right away 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How To Start A new Blog : complete step-by-step insight

Hi friends here comes a best yet simple and easy to follow ,step by step tutorial to setup a new wordpress blog exclusively for u.

So come on guys ,without a do lets Get Started With setting up Your First blog to get your Online success :

Friday, August 1, 2014

Brain Of A Blogger : Must see info-graphics

Hi friends here comes a crazy yet very interesting infographics sharing some of the awesome tips about blogging and giving us insight of what goes into the brain of the blogger  .

If you are new to blogging then definitely you will enjoy this infographics a lot because its interesting and quite informative ,but if you are a so called long age blogging guru ,then with this infographics you will definitely become nostalgic about your past cherish-able memories of times when you started blogging  .

So don't be so curious about this amazing infographics ,just scroll down to revive your old memories and learn something new ,if you haven't yet .

ChargeAll : charge anything anywhere

ChargeAll : portable super charger with 18000 mAh capacity

Here comes another great portable charger with 18000 mAh capacity and AC wall plug outlet to take over the problem of charging in different difficult times when your devices are running out of juice.

You may have seen and also would have a portable charger then whats the need of this one,then here lies your answer, this charger comes with AC wall plug outlet which can not only charge your laptops and mobiles but also would be able to charge portable fans etc .

so come on lets take a look at this amazing charger features and specs before your go and buy it on indigogo before it is launched in market.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

TouchPico : Turn Any Surface Into A Touch Screen

Here comes a product which definitely takes technology to its next level.
TouchPico is an portable android pc with a built in 80 inch projector to enjoy android experience on the go with a touch screen.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

InfoLinks Review and Overview

Do you wanna earn some good amount of money with intext ads on your blog/website then infolinks is for you .

Infolinks has build its reputation after many years to deliver quality ads and good cpm to its publishers and a great value for money to its advertisers which makes it the best intext ads network in the industry leaving behind the its many substandard rivals who don't deliver what they promises . 

How it works 

All you have to do is integrate JavaScript code into the website in body part of template after you get approved and then your ads start appearing on the text of the website only after the info-links algorithm identifies the keywords for providing the relevant ads .

Once anyone clicks or hover over the linked text to see the ad ,your account gets credited with ad view and you start making money .