top 10 luxury yachts in world

finally, the time has come to reveal the complete list of most luxurious yachts in the world which processes everything a rich can think for.

It's the pride of the uber rich people to own and flaunt on these yachts to show cast their wealth.
 The ultimate ostentatious display of wealth, mega-yachts (yachts over 200 feet long) allow the world's elite to take their wealth on tour in a way nothing else can, and right now mega-yacht ownership is in the midst of an arms race.

There it goes with number 1. in world

1. History Supreme

The 31m ,History Supreme the most sought after Superyacht in its  Industry, which is now reportedly valued worth over £3 billion. Containing around 100,000kg of gold and platinum, History Supreme was designed by Stuart Hughes, the world renowned luxury designer, who took nearly 3 years to complete it with best possible design and luxury looks.
its interiors and exterior design are both wrapped in the most sought after precious metals on the planet, coating elements of the deck, dining area, rails and even the anchor giving it a supreme luxury looks for uber rich as its some areas are made from extremely expensive meteor stone and Tyrannosaurus Rex bone.


Its best suited for extremely rich Malaysian businessman who bought it for $4.5 billion to experience the ever lasting bliss in the azures of water .

top 10 adsense earners in india

hi friends here comes the latest and complete list of top 10 adsense earners in India who are doing everything to make their blogs/websites a cash cow to fill their pockets with big dollars bills and their bank accounts with hefty Google check just by using the great google adsense program for their famous websites in the vast arena of this endless internet.

so come on with out a do ,lets take a glance at these people names and their  earnings which would definitely motivate you and inspire you to work hard to earn like them and get featured in this list someday in coming future.

Top 11 best selling gifts for fathers day 2019

The fathers day is round the corner on 16 june 2019, so it doesn't make a sense that you don't buy a beautiful gift for your father right away to make him happy.

I am dead sure that if you are reading this post then you love your father by heart and would love to see him happy on fathers day 2019.

Fathers always help their children in the difficult days of the life ,so why not give him a surprise gift this fathers day for all his love and scarifies that he did for you to see your smiling face all the time in spite of may difficulties in life .

So here comes a list of top 11 most sought after gifts to give your fathers this fathers day which would definitely make him happy 

top 10 seven star hotels in world

Here is the latest list of the top 10 famous 7 stars hotels in the world which everyone desires to visit for experiencing the luxury and royalty

1. TOWN house galleria (milano)

formally known as seven star galleria this hotel was honored as the seventh heaven by the national geographic features ultra luxury royal suits to meet every one's need of the luxury and adds to the elites pride by showering the blissful and wonderful treatment by its staff serving us as an epitome of luxury,royalty and services to give cherishable memories.
it offers suits which are personalized and dedicated to a famous musician of La Scala Opera in order to create the feeling of an individual exclusivity which is one of the main concepts of Town House Hotels. Under the control of the Italian Institute of Arts, all rooms have been renovated maintaining the antiques and precious decorations.


All rooms are sound proofed and feature lock with electronic code without any key or card which can be lost, telephone with direct external line, LCD flat screen satellite TV with International channels, Pay per view, Air Conditioning and Climate Control, Minibar, Wine cellar “Magnum” Safe Box, Large and comfortable Beds with the best linen bed sheets and different kind of pillows available. Wi-fi high-speed internet connection is available in all the Hotel and rooms. The wide and comfortable bathrooms include: large shower or bathtub and washbasin, WC and Bidet, soft bathrobes and towels, hair dryer, shaver points and a wide array of enchanting amenities.
All Suites have an unparalleled view of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II and include the personal Butler service.

top 3 KeyWord Research Tools

Hello Friends time is moving with a speed that you cant chase it and so is your life ,but what about your website profits ,your google ranking,your website traffic ,is it moving with your fast pacing life .the answer is no,but why ,did you ever tried to figure out why ,why this is happening and whats the solution to this little problem which if solved can shoot your profits ,traffic and ranking up in the sky .
Keyword research analysis and implementation is the solution to all your problems which would not only shoot your website traffic and profits in sky but will also make you next super online entrepreneur if you play with the keyword skillfully.
To analysis the right keyword for your blog and website for ranking you need some tool which would help you to take deep insight of keywords your require  easily that's why after trying many keyword research tools only i came to rank the top 3 tools which would bring you the fortune which you deserve.

so finally without a further do lets get to the best in class keyword research tools available in market right now which would definite help you to get all the insight about your keywords and your competitors keyword you have ever imaged to get easily .

Online Marketing 101

With rise of internet the need of online marketing is rising rapidly to cater to the need of the brands and make a wider influence on the audience to increase the sales of products and services in the vast arena of internet .

The type of marketing which drives in the most engagement of the people and influences their choices to opt in for the products of the brand are the one which gives its advertising brand a good ROI and makes a perpetual mark of trust of influencer in industry.

Recently i read a case study where online marketing is also spreading across all the social media channels like twitter very rapidly which makes the brand reach far and wide to different audience and word wide Geo's etc thus giving its influencer's like Branden Hampton, Kris Sanchez (founder uberfacts) who are raking in millions of dollars per year in ad revenue alone from twitter.

so what are you waiting for guys just take a look at the amazing infographics given below which shares 101 potential ways of online marketing which would not only give you an insight about the latest online marketing trends but also take your next online marketing campaign to acme in the coming future