Monday, November 15, 2021

top 7 black friday and cyber monday hosting deals discounts 2021

Hi, friends here comes the best top 7 black Friday and cyber Monday hosting discounts of 2021 to help you save more on hosting deals this festive season.

Cyber monday and black friday are the 2 days in the year on which you get the hefty discounts on hosting services which are unmatched by any other hosting deals and offers throughout the year. The prices fall up to 90% flat on many hosting services.

Here I have picked and listed some of the best hosting services which I found on the internet for you to get heavy discounts to save more and enjoy more with your family this festive season by saving money on best web hosting for small business.
top 7 black friday and cyber monday hosting discounts 2021
All the companies listed below are trusted to provide best in class hosting services so you can choose any of them according to your choice to get best hosting with big discounts on cyber Monday i.e. 29 november and black Friday i.e. 26 November 2021.

so what are you waiting for guys, just drool over the list given below to get the maximum benefits on best-hosting services 

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Bluehost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Big Sale 2021

With the Black friday and cyber monday coming closure on 26 November 2021 and 29 december 2021 the discount season is already making waves in the e commerce world.
All the major websites and hosting services are preparing for massive discounts to celebrate these days and rope in maximum customers .

Sunday, September 5, 2021

vps hosting

Vps hosting ,are you really aware of this term ,if you have just started your website then i might think you may not have adequate knowledge about vps hosting which you may require as your website traffic grows and you need more resources for your website which a shared hosting cannot provide .

so here we will discuss about Vps Hosting services to give you an in-depth knowledge about Vps Hosting .

What Is VPS Hosting

Vps hosting is type of hosting in which you get full control over your servers and no one else host their websites on your servers .

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. vps is type of hosting which gives more security and more room for privacy for your websites .
basically its the dedicated resources allocated to your websites in shared environment .
  • It more provide control over your resources which helps in giving better performance for your website .
  • It gives you flexibility to increase your resources whenever required by your website .
  • You get more customization option in vps for your websites when compared to shared hosting
  • Since its your own vps you get advanced security and privacy for your websites.
1. You get indepth control over your server resources which you can mange to adjust the resources for each website on our vps sever and install any software's you like over them 

2. They give performance almost same as dedicated servers but comes at less price than it .

3. You can easily transfer your sites from shared hosting to vps hosting without any issues 


1. They cannot handle the big sites which requires loads of resources due to very high traffic ,for that you need to opt in for dedicated servers .

2. In vps ,Operating System works on a virtual environment, but in dedicated server, it is physical server .

3.In Vps you get more resources in shared environment which are shared by other also some times ,but thats not the so major issue with vps .its only once in while that you may encounter to get a little less resource ,and i think you don't require so much resources to run all your blogs and websites smoothly unless they get very very hefty traffic on daily basis.

Top 2 VPS Hosting Companies

When it comes to vps you must make a choice of vps provider which is reliable because your websites/blogs is precious for your...aren't they .

So i recommend you to choose from the 2 best vps providers given below which comes at affordable rate and gives high performance along with various easy to upgrade options to handle scalability of your website traffic at all times without going down.

1. Inmotion
Inmotion vps services are best in class when compared to other vps providers .Mainly they come in 3 plans for your vps servers from which you can choose according to your requirements .
It also gives you hosting over raid servers and SSD drives under all plans to give out maximum performance  to your website .
In Inmotion vps you can host unlimited domain names on the server location of your choice thats why i recommend it to all the customers to inmotion because of these amazing features .

A brief overview of their various plans is given below for you to take a look before your buy it for your websites

2. Bluehost
My Second Vps hosting choice after inmotion is Bluehost ,because like their best in class shared hosting services which is trusted by millions of people ,their vps is also amazing ,when your website demands some extra resources to look after the increasing demand of traffic ,you should buy bluehost vps or upgrade to their vps ,if are already a customer of bluehost shared hosting .

A Glimpse of awesome bluehost vps hosting plans is given below

You cannot a get a better vps solution for your website than bluehost,just try them with their vps to see the increased website speed and performance and you may not regret your decision .


So Finally The Time has come to decide weather your website really need a vps hosting and weather it is worth your money .

Than the answer is yes ,only if your website traffic is growing exponentially or you are Hosting nearly 15-25 sites on your shared hosting server which is not able to mange them any more without given hiccups like site down etc .

So don't hesitate to go in for an upgrade to vps ,as its a best decision to go over to get your websites and blogs the resource they need. vps has the capability to handle all your blogs at one place.

Buying vps service from bluehost and inmotion would be the best decision to go in for to get maximum performance and scalability for your website

Once you try them ,do let us know your experiance with these awesome vps hosting comapnies


In the current age, purchases are slowly shifting from physical stores to online shopping. In fact, 51% of Americans prefer online shopping to visiting the store. By estimated statistical projections, ecommerce revenues are expected to exceed $638 billion in the United States. This is not an isolated case, as globally the ecommerce projects will also have an upward trend.

This proves that E-commerce economy is growing at a high rate. It is therefore important for businesses to understand how ecommerce works and to identify the best ecommerce solutions to thrive in the online arena.

online shopping via ecomm websites
Source: https://pixabay .com/photo-2140603/


Here comes a crisp and clear list of top 10 cloud storage services present on internet to store you stuff on the go when your primary storage is full or you want access something at many locations .

so come on without a do lets droll over the list below and get some space for our-self to store our stuff to use it anywhere at anytime with all the desired people including your friends and family

best web hosting for small businesses

Are you looking for the best web hosting for your business which is reliable and affordable to give ultra fast speed and performance? Then don't worry we have got the best solution for all your hosting requirements for website hosting for small business, just scroll below to take a look. 
best web hosting for small businesses

Bluehost Vs inmotion Vs A2hosting comparison

Bluehost , inmotion & A2hosting Introduction

BlueHost is a good hosting provider which came into existence in 2003 and become a leader in hosting services soon after that ,so you will not regret your decision to host your website on bluehost hosting service .bluehost also gives one free domain name to all its new customer which other 2 hosting companies do not offer.

vps hosting Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

What Is VPS Hosting
Vps hosting is type of hosting in which you get full control over your servers and no one else host their websites on your servers .

A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS. vps is type of hosting which gives more security and more room for privacy for your websites .
Basically its the dedicated resources allocated to your websites in shared environment .

Types of Web Hosting Services

1. Shared Website Hosting
Shared hosting is a type of hosting in which you share your server with many other websites ,It suits for the new websites which do not require hefty resources for hefty traffic .In Shared Hosting the cost to the individual customer is usually under $10 per month for as many websites as you want. 

Also because these providers are in the business to get paid for this and need to compete they usually provide abundant "bonuses" not found with the free hosting. shared hosting offers auto-installing scripts, statistics, e-mail services, blog software, and other things.
These services are the best for the majority of people and provide the best quality of service because they want a good customer review. 
These do have limits on how much bandwidth (file downloads measured in gigabytes) and disk constraints each customer should be imposed with because all the websites are on shared server with other websites . this helps to provide equal bandwidth at a time to all customer hosting on that server .

Cloud hosting services with big benefits

In the modern time when the technology is getting advancements each day in every field to get maximum performance and easy solution for all problems, Hosting companies have also come up with a more advanced way of hosting websites which give users advanced performance, high speed, and more security.

The new hosting technique is called cloud hosting services in which hosting is provided on virtual servers for optimal high speed and performance with high security.

In cloud Hosting the website is hosted on different servers across the world and host the data on SSD drives which are ultrafast in performance and give high-speed data transfer to the users.

top 10 best selling portable external hard drives

Hi friends here comes the top 10 best selling portable external hard disk drives (HDD) in 2021 to satisfy your quest to store your large data in a safe house of these ultra portable drives and access them easily on the go.

These external disk drives are very easy to use as they offer plug and play support with both usb 2.0 and 3.0 and beyond to give extreme high speed of transfer which would help you to do your work faster and save your time .

so come on guys what are you waiting for ,lets get going exploring these awesome HDD's given below and choose one of them for your self to make your life more easy,fast and comfortable.

Monday, August 23, 2021

top 10 trending ways to monetize your blog to earn big money

hi friends here comes the most sought after and trending ways to monetize your website and blogs to earn cold hard cash and hefty payment checks from your ever-growing blog traffic .

so come let take a look at the techniques given below to monetize the blog and fill our empty pockets with big dollar bills and take the ride on the new stunning Benz cars in the coming future :):):)

why to ditch google adsense

its an indispensable fact that Google ad-sense has been a solid source of income for many ,giving them so much money that it is enough to make a family living and much more for organisations like
but the fact cannot be neglected that getting into ad-sense is not so easy .
if you had a solid website with good content and it fulfills all the terms and conditions then it easy to get into the program after some rejections

here are a good number of reasons why you should not go for Google adsense

1. acceptance is not that easy ,you need to work hard for having a niche content in your website and then wait with patience to get accepted into it. need to follow the policies strictly ,once you /your site tried to escape the policies or try to do something tricky with them/adsense and you are gone.
so the fact is don't try to mess with the adsense to earn more by playing tricks .

3. support is not as good as others ,though the response is very prompt but if your question is not clear ,the answer will be not be what you might be thinking to get.what they do is give automatic mail replies with links to their forum instead of answering the question clearly .

4.once you are disabled/disapproved for non compatibility with program or disobeying with their program policies it's hard to get in back.they are not ready to listen anything until you have something really strong to support your argument  all your emails to support will be in vain .i have been a victim of this situation ,in-spite of being innocent i was penalized and banned from  adsense and with over 20 emails sent to them describing my issue in a time period of 1.5 year all was in vain.

5.not enough money -if your site has low traffic then its really hard to make money .so if you wanna get heavy monthly checks then you better somehow drive traffic to your site, and get them to click (without saying click on my ads). If readers aren’t clicking, you aren’t earning.

6. google adsense does not pay enough money for its search program,other programs pays much higher rates .also it does not support contextual ads like ezoic which gives far better rates to publishers than adsense etc which are great source of income as they show good graphical ads in between the articles.with google adsense its still to be materialized into a reality.

7.Not Enough Information- your ad on site may have got have got a click and you have earned  $1 for that 
,but how that was determined, why it was so much or so less; you won’t  be able to know, because Google doesn’t provide you with enough indepth information about your revenue activities as a result of that you can’t determine how much your payout will be for advertisements. Google may make $5 per click and only pay you $1 for it. adsense payout benchmark is $100.though the number is not big enough but if your site has low traffic it may take long tie to get your first payout .other programs offer much less and convenient payout like $25,$ 50 etc to boast the publishers interest in the program.but if your site is already popular this might not be a hurdle for you and your pay checks every month. need to have solid and good ,consistent content for making adsense success on your site .if you write many types of  poor content articles then you will not be able to drive traffic and hence no earning with adsense.

10.As soon as the user clicks on the Adsense ad they are taken away from your site instead of opening the advertisers site in a separate window (ie the ad does not open in a new window). This can lead to lost revenue for the website owner but navigating to someones else site.

here comes the most anticipated reason for opting out of adsense and trying something else (sarcastically speaking)

11.For some publishers, Google Adsense is a dream that just can't come true.

the fact cannot be neglected the google adsense is undoubtedly the best ad network in the market in terms of ecmp,ctr etc but their are many more options to go for if you are unable to get into it ,but if you are into it you will definitely enjoy some extra income.
if you are thinking of some other alternative with a good ecpm ,and your site has huge traffic then personally i prefer you to go for tribal fusion .
it is a very competitive in terms with google adsense with higher payouts
A2 Hosting Takeoff With Turbo Sale