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top 6 adsense alternative for youtube video monetization

Hi friends today i am going to share something interesting with you about youtube monetization which will help you to earn more revenue from your youtube videos filling your pockets with big $$ bills 

For many people youtube has been a solid source of income by making viral videos ,but for people like u and me the question arises that are we able to earn handsomly from youtube or something that could directly contribute to our house hold living .

for the matter of fact for now most of the people reading this post are not earning so much more that could make a living for them ,i know most of us are only able to make money from youtube which could pay only our utilities bills like internet access etc.

today i am going to reveal some of the alternative which have made their way to internet to monetize our youtube videos on our behave with their network to give you more money,customization's, promotion opportunities and features for your videos.
top 6 adsense alternative for youtube monetization

so without a do let me introduce to the 6 best alternatives for monetizing your youtube videos to get high cpm rates and high revenues and other great features.

GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact : A Detailed Comparison Guide

We are now living in 21st century, the era of competition. Everyone is trying to stand out. Similarly there are hundreds of email marketing tools available out there. Offering different features and services to stand out and to get popular among their users. GetResponse, iContact and Constant Contact are considered as three best email marketing tools across the world.
GetResponse Vs iContact Vs Constant contact : A Detailed Comparison Guide
Are you are thinking of joining one of these services, right? If you are looking for a reliable service that can make your online campaign a complete success then keep reading till the end. I will be discussing pricing plans, free trials, pros and cons of GetResponse, iContact and Constant Contact. Have a look on them and let’s decide who the winner is.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Bluehost Vs inmotion Vs A2hosting comparison

Bluehost , inmotion & A2hosting Introduction

A2hosting provides an ultra fast speed of hosting because it has a special SSD drives implemented for hosting services for its customers .this alone gives them an edge over other hosting providers which makes its one of the best hosting services available now for your websites and blogs.

BlueHost is a good hosting provider which came into existence in 2003 and become a leader in hosting services soon after that ,so you will not regret your decision to host your website on bluehost hosting service .bluehost also gives one free domain name to all its new customer which other 2 hosting companies do not offer.

top 8 best website hosting companies

Website Hosting is the one thing which can make your website and your online business and grow ,only if you chose the right one ,otherwise you could also see a steep downfall in your online business because of hosting only.

So  why not choose a best hosting services for our precious website which could give us reliability,trust and over all growth. In this vast arena of internet ,sometimes it becomes very difficult to get best hosting services and choose best hosting for our websites according to our budgets and requirements.

To ease out your tension to find best hosting services on internet which can definitely be trusted ,i have come up with a list of top 8 best performing hosting services in all situation and all budgets constraints exclusively for you .

what are you waiting for guys ,just scroll down to find out the best hosting for your best websites on internet.

1. A2Hosting

A2hosting provides an ultra fast speed of hosting because it has a special SSD drives implemented for hosting services for its customers .this alone gives them an edge over other hosting providers which makes its one of the best hosting services available now for your websites and blogs.

their rates are also compatible with others,so you can definitely give them a try if you start your websites or you are looking for migrating your blogs/websites from some other hosts.
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2. Ipage

Ipage seems to be your allrounder hosting services in terms of price,server uptime and support services .you can definitely trust their services for hosting your personal and business blogs and websites over a period of time .

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3. InMotion

inmotion offers you one of the best in-class speed and support services for your webhosting when compared to other hosting providers across the internet.

they offer great SSD support along with 90 days money back guarantee,which makes the best hosting in town .

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4. Bluehost

Bluehost is now days most popular hosting service in the town .it is admired by many people as it offers good customer support and their exist no server downtime problems with them.

it comes for $3.95/month with unlimited hosting,domains and bandwidth in its basic plan.
so it's a choice that you will not regret later for hosting your best websites and blogs .
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5. Just Host

Justhost comes as a just another choice in the list of top 8 hosting companies in this vast web arena for your precious websites and blogs. you can trust justhost likes millions other who rely on its speed and uptime for website hosting services .they also offer many advertising benefits for your newly created website .it offers many more interesting features like unlimited domains,hosting space and bandwidth at $2.25/month which makes it one of the best affordable  and trusted web hosting for your websites.

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6. DreamHost

Dreamhost hosting services has been voted as best hosting services by PCMAG readers from across the world.they have hosted more than 1.3 million websites which gives a solid proof of their reputation as a trusted and genuine host in the market .

They also have custom made solutions for all your requirements ,weather its as small as a personal WordPress blog to a professional high traffic website ,you will get the best speed,support and server uptime for your websites.
so go ahead and grab the best in class hosting from dream host at affordable rates exclusively for u

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7. WebHostingPad

Webhostingpad is another good hosting service which provides $200 marketing credits along with many more lucrative features at cheap rates for all it customers. 
Its a good option to consider at dirt cheap prices of $1.99 ,its a definitely a worthy try for all your hosting needs .
Give them a chance to show their services for your great websites on the internet.
They also offer 30 days money back guarantee for your convince.

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All the above mentioned hosting services provides loads of features and services for all its clients ,so to make it easy before you head out and buy one for your websites we have done a hosting features comparison of popular hosting services for you on which you should definitely take a look here at best hosting feature comparison

so what are you waiting for guys ,just go and grab one of the above best hosting services for your best website on the internet.

Do let us know your experiences with these amazing website hosting services  in the comments section below.

Happy Hosting


Cloud hosting services with big benefits

In the modern time when the technology is getting advancements each day in every field to get maximum performance and easy solution for all problems, Hosting companies have also come up with a more advanced way of hosting websites which give users advanced performance, high speed, and more security.

The new hosting technique is called cloud hosting services in which hosting is provided on virtual servers for optimal high speed and performance with high security.

In cloud Hosting the website is hosted on different servers across the world and host the data on SSD drives which are ultrafast in performance and give high-speed data transfer to the users.

managed web hosting services

Managed Web Hosting Services are very popular hosting services among the people who do not have time to look after all the technical aspects of hosting or they don't know much about hosting.Its gives them total freedom as all the hosting work and issues are looked after by the hosting provider for their websites.

To know more about managed website hosting services like its advantages, disadvantages etc read this: What is managed website Hosting.

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Tips to increase your wealth like a pro

gone are the days when getting rich was a game that only clever minds could play ,now the times have changed ,it is the time when a person with a great mind set to earn money can play it too and lead their path of success to acme thus making the desired wealth he wants in his life .

while thinking of making money many people would drop their idea of playing this game of making big money because they may get afraid of all the hurdles and stepping stones they may encounter ,but as a matter of fact 
"The fortunes has been made by those who have tried and never quite whenever there has been adversities in their life ,so never quite ,there may be situation when you would not get instant result ,but keep trying ,never quit to see the positive result you would have desired in your dreams ."

Finally the time has come to share some of the simple yet interesting tips with you which would not only add a Midas touch to your overall personality but also help you to increase your wealth like a pro and make you opulent in the coming years .

so come on guys ,without a do ,lets drool over the awesome list of some amazing wealth making tips given below

Propeller Ads - Ad network made for your website

Hello Friends are you looking for a ad network on which you can securely rely on to get revenue from your website traffic then your search ends here as here i introduce you with a great ad network propeller ads which would  not only  make waves in your website earnings but also gives a value to your website visitors by showing the most relevant ads related to your website for better ctr and earning for you .

Propeller ads is a ad-network company who's main goal is to provide its advertisers and publishers value for each penny spend for advertising and give best possible revenue ad rates to its publishers ,besides providing great looking ad banners of almost all types you have ever imagined it also servers various kinds of pop ads and video ads .

top 10 best plagiarism checkers

Hi friends here comes top 10 best plagiarism checkers on internet which are not only fast and easy to use but also free to use except some .

So if you are looking for some great and effective plagiarism checkers to make your content copy free then try one of these to check for your contents copy on internet and then eliminate the copy content from the web by throwing a Dmca notice to that very site which copied your content .

what it takes to be a successful blogger

Hi friends Today I am going to unveil the secrets which will help you to learn what it takes to be a successful blogger in your life and earn an handsome income in the blogosphere arena.

I know their are people who don't do blogging to earn money, they want to share things,wonderful experiences and their personal life with others .
They belong to a different categories in blogosphere arena.

Their only aim is to spread knowledge which they can do by creating a simple and aesthetically appealing blog according to their content and spread what ever that want.

Now comes the second category of people in blogosphere i.e people who want to earn money by sharing Their knowledge and skills to people.

Climb Your Company to the Top of Search Engine Results Pages with SEO

When many companies invest in a new website, they often think of the graphics as the most important element of the design process. When you leave your website to a graphic designer, you will no doubt have an attractive website. However, what that graphic designer can’t do is make your product or service accessible to search engine users who are looking to hire a company like yours. The truth is website design is more about attracting people to your site, and less about what your site actually looks like.

The truth is that while a graphic designer knows all about layout and color swatches, moodboards and alignments, they don’t understand how to optimize your site so that it organically appears at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (or SERP) everytime a potential client searches for the type of product or service you offer. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one of the most powerful tools available to companies who want to naturally build their brand’s profile on any search engine — whether it’s Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Project Management Basics: What is a PMO?

With the increase in startups in the country the demand of highly trained professionals have also increased rapidly who would help the company to scale up to more heights to gain more traction and increase their production level .
Its then Project Management Office comes in to play because as the company size increases the need making teams for specialized and specific works are made which are managed by PMO where all the trained professionals are assigned the work and they report their when the work is done.

Project management office not only increase the work flow productivity but also helps to get the project completed on time which make the company seek some good reputation in market in long term giving it more benefits and more powerful client in the future who are willing to spend more money for the awesome services of the company .

How to Get High-Quality Content for Your Blog

It's hard to overestimate the role of content on the site or blog while promoting it. Good content is a key to success because users evaluate how professional you are by the quality of content, and form the level of trust both in you and your pieces of advice.
How to Get High-Quality Content for Your Blog

A2 Hosting Takeoff With Turbo Sale