Tuesday, January 21, 2020

vpn master for pc windows mac

VPN Master for PC Windows Free Download

In today’s advanced world of technology, where almost all the tasks that ranges from shopping to jobs are done over the web, internet frauds and other attacks against online identity have become a very big threat. So big that all the cyber related crimes are topping the charts of the fastest growing crimes from around the world.

In a world where free WIFI zones are available wherever we go, the vulnerability towards all these online frauds have now reached a new high peak that ever before. Whenever you access the web via any public WIFI networks, no matter to casually browse the web, do any bank transactions or for any other private or sensitive tasks, you are putting yourself at risks of becoming a victim of online theft crimes.

To solve online privacy and identity protection, many have turned towards using VPN. Using a Virtual Private Network or a VPN gives users with a secure and encrypted network connection that is cheap in pricing and at the same time easy to use as well.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Psiphon for PC windows 7/8/10 & android

Surfing the internet is now a common factor you can find anywhere. The Internet has become the source where you can almost do anything, find, search, buy, sell, shop, jobs and more, the list keeps goes on. With the increase of the usage of the Intenet and the recent survey says that more than half of the populations in the world are using the Internet for personal and professional purposes.

The Internet has its own platform where you can produce and generate content and add creativity to it. With the increase of usage, it has also attracted the people who want to harm you in many ways and benefit from it.

Monday, January 13, 2020

line for pc windows

line for pc windows free download

Line is a messaging app that you can use send messages. And you also have an additional feature of voice calls absolutely free. And you can use line on your PC as well.

Line is just another platform where you can send messages and make calls like yahoo messenger Facebook. You can only use line to communicate with people who have line app installed as well. You can also start a group chat in line. With

You can also start a group chat in line. With line , you just always have to type but you can also use many stickers available or you can also download thousands of them.
line for pc windows

Like Facebook, it also has a timeline on which you can add photos and videos for your followers to see and they can respond to them as well.

The line PC app is one of the easiest to use, it has a three tab system like WhatsApp first is for your contacts the next is for your daily conversations and the last one lets you add new friends.

Friday, January 10, 2020

skype for pc windows

Skype is the largest and most widely used VOIP service used all around the world. It offers you many features like group video calling, voice calling and also rich texting facility and all of these services are for free. But it also has a calling facility using which you can call landlines and mobiles too at very nominal rates. Skype is available for all the major operating systems like windows, mac os, iOS, and android.

But it also has a calling facility using which you can call landlines and mobiles too at very nominal rates. Skype is available for all the major operating systems like windows, mac os, iOS, and android.
skype of pc windows

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

showbox for pc windows android free

download showbox for PC windows android free

The Showbox for PC application is a free television series/shows and movie online streaming application that is available for Android. What makes the Showbox app for PC so popular among Android device users is that it gives them with an opportunity to stream online all the awesome movies and TV shows that they wanted to watch from a long time for free, that too in HD quality.

Sadly, the Showbox Android application is not available in the official Google Play Store. Which means, to enjoy the awesome Showbox for PC Android application, you will have to manually install the Showbox application on your Android device after downloading the Showbox APK for Android.

The Showbox Android app is really great as it is free and also has hundreds of popular movie and TV show titles. But, the experience of a software that can stream free movies and TV shows online in HD quality would be much awesome on a Windows powered PC rather than on an Android device.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

truecaller for pc desktop

truecaller for pc windows desktop free download

True caller from www.truecaller.com is one app which you can expect ion most of the Android smartphones. A lot of users are using it top find out the name of the caller. Several people call you, which is beyond your saved contacts database. 
In many cases, marketers and trollers are calling you using the Internet or multi-connected phones, and you can find the name of the person on the right caller. The app also offers you to block those callers whom you don't want to receive calls from and making the app extremely useful.

truecaller for pc desktop

Almost 89% of the users do not know about the app, and its features, which usually breaks into their privacy and steal information or so something worse than that. The app is developed for iOS, Android, BB 10, and Windows Phone.

Once you have finished with the downloading part, then you have to install it. Launch the app, and you have to use your EMAIL ID (Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo.). Now let's take you to the tour of features and other aspects which you need to read.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

snapseed for pc windows

Snapseed for pc windows free download method

Do you get a kick out of the chance to redo your snaps before transferring them to the FB or appearing to your companions? Do you like the possibility of altering the clicked pictures with your very own touch?

On the off chance that the appropriate response of the above inquiries and preferences of that is a yes, then I figure the Snapseed is the correct software for your desires to work out. No doubt, the Snapseed permits you to tweak your pictures in your own specific manner.

Monday, December 30, 2019

viva video for pc windows

Viva Video for PC windows free download

The Viva Video for PC is primarily an Android and iOS application which is free to download, install and use on your Windows as well as the Android and iOS operating systems. The Viva Video application that runs on both Android and iOS and now for Windows, lets you to create awesome videos by actually stitching together different video clips from your device, no matter whether an Android Smartphone, iPad or iPhone.

viva video for pc windows
Even though the guide below today will take through some authentic procedures at the end of which you will be able to legally install and use the Viva Video for PC, there is actually no official version from the developers of the Viva Video application that can support the Windows operating system, at least as of now.

Instead, we will be making use of the very famous BlueStacks Android Emulator software for Android. You may have guesses from the name of the software itself; BlueStacks is emulator software which will help Android applications to run on Windows powered PC, as Android apps cannot run on Windows natively.

Before actually taking you through the processes required to install Viva Video for PC, let us take you through a quick review of the Viva Video for PC app, its features and its uses.

Friday, December 27, 2019

uc browser for pc windows [100% working guide]

UC Browser for PC Windows Free download guide

The UC Browser for PC is one among the older web browsers out there that still is quite popular among all the web browser users from around the world. The popularity of the UC Browser began a long back when Smartphones were not popular as they are nowadays, and Java-enabled phones ruled the market.

The main reason for the immense success and popularity of the UC Browser all these years is that as technology advances, the developers of the UC Browser makes sure that their web browser is powerful and capable enough to evolve and take complete advantage of the advancements in tech.

uc browser for pc windows [100% working guide]

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

viber for pc windows [100% working]

The basic needs of a human except for food, cloth, and water is communication. The communication has to lead the way for human civilization to invent the art of speaking. The human has evolved their way of communication in large extent. The communication between two peoples can be done easily by the power of speech.

But when it comes to communicating with someone who lives in a far distant place becomes difficult. Earlier peoples used pigeons to send their message. And then with the introduction of postal services, it became a bit easy. But the postal services needed more time and money. Then with the advancement of technology came various communication means such as telephone and telegram.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

icloud for windows pc [100% working: Tested]

iCloud for Windows pc free download

The Apple iCloud service is one of the best services from Apple that allows you to backup all the important data from any of your Apple devices across all the Apple devices that you own. However, many of the people out there who own an Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad necessarily need not own a MacOS powered system to use the standalone iCloud software on their system.

For such users of Apple products who own an Apple iPhone or iPad but still uses a Windows powered PC, Apple have now launched the Windows version of the iCloud service.

icloud for windows pc [100% working: Tested]

The Windows client of the iCloud service allows you to sync all the photos, videos and other data stored on your iPhone or iPad within the iCloud service.

The iCloud client for Windows not only allows you to backup images and videos from your iPad, iPod or iPhone devices but also other important information like web bookmarks, emails and even other files.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Dolphin Browser for PC windows free [100% working method]

Dolphin Browser for PC Windows

In the present scenario, everybody has laptop or PC, and they are using the internet for several purposes. Without the internet connection, there is no point in using PC or laptop. With the support of web browser, we can access the information or data on the internet. At the same time, one question arises that which browser is efficient to use to search through the internet.
Dolphin Browser for PC windows free [100% working method]

Now a day, our laptop has at least one default browser, but it doesn’t satisfy our needs and requirements. So we are in need of another browser to surf the internet easily. So we have to choose the appropriate browser is utmost important.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

imessage for windows pc ,mac and android


Before going to know how to download iMessage for PC/Windows let us know about what iMessage is.

IMessage, an instant messaging service developed by Apple. You can use iMessage online for sending text, images, videos and audio messages. You can also personalize your messages with animated effects all with a single message app.

To the lovers of apple products this app comes with great features and pre-installed for versions of iOS 5 and later till OS X for now. This can be an alternative for whats app, viber, we chat and many other instant messaging service apps for non-android users.