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top 10 adsense earners in india

hi friends here comes the latest and complete list of top 10 adsense earners in India who are doing everything to make their blogs/websites a cash cow to fill their pockets with big dollars bills and their bank accounts with hefty Google check just by using the great google adsense program for their famous websites in the vast arena of this endless internet.

so come on with out a do ,lets take a glance at these people names and their  earnings which would definitely motivate you and inspire you to work hard to earn like them and get featured in this list someday in coming future.

1. Amit Agarwal
amit agarwal-top adsense earner in india

Website: Labnol.org
Monthly Page views: Nearly 5 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 6/10
Alexa rank for website: 2664
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $25,000

Labnol.org has been around the web since a long time and is known to be one of the first tech blogs in India solely founded and edited by amit agarwal,making it the first professional blog from India.The blog specializes in technology as well as topics on Google Gmail,Adsense etc. 
Amit Agarwal is the top Adsense Earner in India.

2. Srinivas Tamada

srinivas-top 2nd adsense earner in india

Website: 9lessons.info
Monthly Page views: Nearly 4 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 5/10
Alexa rank for website: 7,800
Monthly Income from Google Adsense:  $20000/Month

Srinivas's blog revoles about programming. He is one of the blogger who don’t pay a penny for hosting charges and domain name booking and is earning a handsome sum form Google. He is currently perhaps the best blogger blogging about programming and design tutorial  in India.

3. Raju PP

raju pp-top 3rd adsense earner in india

Website: Techpp.com
Monthly Page views: Nearly 3.8 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 4/10
Alexa rank for website: 27191
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 18,000 approx/Month

TechPP.com is a tech blog and is owned and written by a Raju pp, it is also a blog that has been established over 5 years ago and mainly deals with technology and mobile phones, to get high traffic from across the world.
4. Thinkdigit
thinkdigit-top 4th adsense earner in india                                            

Website: thinkdigit.com
Monthly Page views: Nearly 3.5 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 6/10
Alexa rank for website: 5,324
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $15,000

ThinkDigit is great tech blog which is owned 9.9 media company, although it get some of the highest traffics for any blog in India, it has relatively less earnings in Adsense as it is not their main income source.it share all latest tech news and gadgets reviews mainly. This make ThinkDigit the 4th highest Adsense earner in India.they are premium adsense partner like amit aggarwal.

5. Arun Prabhudesai
trak.in-top 5th adsense earner in india

Website: Trak.in
Monthly Page views: Nearly 3.2 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 5/10
Alexa rank for website: 14,932
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 12,000 approx/Month

The only business blog in the list, Trak.in is owned by Prabhu Desai.
Trak covers many of the business topics and is a unique blog in this list as it worked upto the mark to make its way to this list.

6. Jaspal Singh
savedelete.com-top 6th adsense earner in india

Website: savedelete.com
Monthly Page views: Nearly 2.85 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 4/10
Alexa rank for website: 31000
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $ 10,000/Month

Jaspal Singh did not start out in blogging keeping making money in mind, but his skill and love for blogging has made him one of the top earning members of the Adsense family in India. He is an mechanical engineer .

7. Amit Bhwanai

amitbhawani.com-top 7th adsense earner in india

Website: http://www.amitbhawani.com/
Monthly Page views: Nearly 2 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 3/10
Alexa rank for website: 80,274
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $9000

Amit bhawani started writing on his tech blog in year 2007 and wrote about different topics like tech, career, health and travel in his blog. His blog has continuously jumped up in alexa ranking over due course of time. He now runs his own SEO firm in Hyderabad

8. Nirmal Balachandran

Website: NirmalTV,TECHNIQUED
Monthly Page views: Nearly 2 Mil/MonthPage Rank for website: 3/10
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $8,500/Month
Alexa rank for website: 60000

Nirmal is a Civil engineer  by education and IT professional by profession. He writes about freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks. Coming from a small town named kochi,  Nirmal has changed his life through blogging and adsense.

blogsolute-top 9th adsense earner in india

Website: BlogSolute
Monthly Page views: Nearly 5 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 4/10
Alexa rank for website: 78000
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $5000

10. Rahul Bansal
devilsworkshop-top 10th adsense earner in india
Monthly Page views: Nearly 0.5 Mil/Month
Page Rank for website: 4/10
Alexa rank for website: 55,159
Monthly Income from Google Adsense: $3,000/Month 

Rahul Bansal is a computer engineer who turned full time blogger and writes about latest tech updates and web 2.o . He is earning well from adsense to change his life and has evolved into an Entrepreneur.

their could be many more people earning good amount of money from adsense.

You can also try infolinks for ads besides adsense to boast your site earnings 

so if you think you should have been featured in this list and are left out,then don't hesitate to contact us via comments section below to get your name featured.
Happy Earning:):)


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