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  2. Good afternoon,
    After reading your article and having a disabled monetization tab on my Youtube channel due to my AdSense account being closed for invalid clicks. I tried to use one of the list of Alternative to AdSense companies you posted in your article. You had said in your article (below) that you can use these companies even if your channel is disabled. However I signed up for Adrev and according to them if my channel is disabled then YouTube can not monetize with them. So apparently your article is now inaccurate. I would love to find a solution for being able to monetize my current youtube channel but apparently there is no way to do this if your adsense account is disabled. If I am wrong and there is some company that has a work around please let me know. As for now I am back to square one and not sure what else I can do

    You can also use the above youtube monetization alternatives to monetize your youtube videos if your youtube monetization tab has been disabled ,then they will monetize your videos and pay you premium cpms .except filmsection all will work with disabled monetization tab ,filmsection only enhances your revenue and gives other good features if you join them . Till now i have personally worked with adrev and they are paying good cpm for my monetization disabled channel due to some adsense issue.


    All these so called online video studios will help you to get more revenues by giving premium cpms and also will provide some additional features for video customization and video branding.

    so you can definitely try them if you are not satisfied by default youtube monetization revenue from adsense or your youtube channel monetization is disabled.

    1. i also have a disabled adsense account and i am using adrev on one of my youtube channel to show ads and earn revenue .

  3. Hi!
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    1. read this

  4. i joint adrev before two days...but still i havent found any videos in my adrev account...someone pls tell me that how and when i will see some progresss in my adrev are coming in my youtube videos..pls some one help me

    1. Have u authorised your YouTube account with adrev, if yes you will get to see your video earnings very soon in the earnings tab in adrev dashboard. Does your videos in YouTube says that they are a copyright content owned by adrev, if yes then all your videos are monetized, so don't worry about money they will pay you on time .
      If you have any other doubt just let me know or directly contact to adrev via their email for support.

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